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Sangro river Master Plan: watershed management and river restoration

Year: 2008
Customer: Autorità dei bacini di rilievo regionale dell’Abruzzo e del bacino interregionale del Sangro
Place: Abruzzo Region, Italy
Title: Support to the preliminary design of a Master Plan for watershed management and river restoration in the Sangro river watershed (Abruzzo and Molise Regions)
Service: Studi ed indagini (Studio di Impatto Ambientale, Studio Paesaggistico, Valutazione di Incidenza Ambientale)
Progettazione preliminare, definitiva ed esecutiva, Direzione Lavori

AfDB: Banca Africana di Sviluppo; BID: Banca Interamericana di Sviluppo; BM: Banca Mondiale; UE: Unione Europea

The main objective of the project was the development of the River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) of the Sangro River basin (1545 km²) in order to solve the problems that affect the basin including: flood risk, conflicts between different water user and the ecological status of the river. The Plan was developed following the EU Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) in order to achieve the ecological river status objectives.

Flood risk analysis were guided by national legislation for Flood Risk Management that has the same requirements, methodologies and objectives as those defined in the EU Floods Directive.

A plan of structural and non-structural measures has been prepared, defining long, medium and short term investment programmes for flood prevention and water resources management and protection. The plan was founded on the principle of sustainability, as per the Agenda 21, so that measures were conceived to be technically realizable, economically justifiable, ecologically sustainable, and socially shareable. The results have been disseminated through workshops and meetings with the stakholders.