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Reducing the hydraulic risk in Abruzzo Region, Italy

The project is aimed at reducing the hydraulic risk in the city of Carsoli, located in Abruzzo Region in central Italy. Inside the city centre, the Vallemura and the Turano rivers were channelled into rectangular concrete riverbeds, with buildings placed on both sides, which leaves little room for upgrading solutions. Downtown, the confluence between the two watercourses is a critical [...]

Marondera integrated urban water management Master Plan project

At the African Water Facility (AWF) Governing Council meeting held in Harare, Zimbabwe in November 2013, the Government of Zimbabwe expressed its interest to be included in the “Cities of the Future” Program. This concept encompasses “Integrated Urban Water Management” (IUWM) principles. Marondera is the provincial capital of Mashonaland East Province of Zimbabwe, located about 70 km east of Harare [...]

Drainage Plan of the Lujan river basin, Argentina

Latin America is the second-most urbanized region in the planet with 8 out of 10 people living in cities. Over the last 10 years there has been an increase in the frequency, magnitude and duration of urban flash flooding incidences in Lujan river basin (2,856 km² with 18 cities for a total of 2,795,648 inhabitants) during or after occurrence of [...]

Water resource use and availability in the Fucino plateau (Abruzzo,Italy)

The Fucino catchment (862 km²) is located to the east of Rome and is an important agricultural area for horticulture, cereals and fodder crops. The area has supported highly productive agricultural systems based on an abstraction of surface water and groundwater from public and private wells and a large system of irrigation and drainage canals. Over the last 20 years [...]

Hydraulic and river/coastal morphodynamic studies in Pescara, Italy

Pescara is one of the biggest coastal cities in Italy, at particular risk from flooding given its population density, coastal nature, high proportion of unplanned settlements, and environmental degradation. The urban drainage for storm water is inadequate. The Italian government is currently financing transformative flood control investments in Pescara City’ Pescara River, a densely populated and environmentally degraded river catchment [...]

Feasibility study and detailed design for irrigation and drainage

The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Administration (MARDWA) of Albania intended to appoint a specialized International Consulting Engineer to carry out consultations with local stakeholders of 5 irrigation schemes (39,810 ha) about the available options of irrigation infrastructure rehabilitation and modernization and then based on the outcomes to prepare a feasibility study for each scheme and after that [...]