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Our people

Our Team is made of people of extensive experience in the water sectors, both in Italy and abroad, seeing projects through from concept development to implementation. We are BETA, with our projects we aim to find the best solutions for a sustainable future, playing an important role in water management.

Each and everyone in our Team thrives for innovative solutions tailored to the projects’ specific needs: we believe success can only be achieved through a synergic approach which involves the Client, Stakeholders and Partners.

Our experts include:

  • hydrologists & hydraulic engineers
  • environmental engineers
  • geologists
  • forestry scentists
  • GIS/BIM specialists
  • IT specialists

Key staff

Prof. Eng. Sergio Fattorelli
Prof. Eng. Sergio FattorelliCEO and Legal Representative
M.Sc. Civil Hydraulic Engineering
Dr. Lorena Rossi
Dr. Lorena RossiFinance and Administration Director
M.Sc. Statistical Science
Eng. Paolo Martini
Eng. Paolo MartiniChief Operations Officier
M.Sc. Civil Hydraulic Engineering
Dr. Marco Randi
Dr. Marco RandiEnvironmental Specialist, Quality Environmental Assurance
M.Sc. Forestry Sciences
Dr. Maria Grazia Zappalà
Dr. Maria Grazia ZappalàICT Manager
M.Sc. Statistical Science
Eng. Juan Esteban Lucca
Eng. Juan Esteban LuccaInternational business development
M.Sc. Civil Hydraulic Engineering
Eng. Luca Montemurro
Eng. Luca MontemurroSenior Designer and Work Supervisor, Technical Director
M.Sc. Civil Hydraulic Engineering
Eng. Marco De Marco
Eng. Marco De MarcoSenior Designer, Dams and Flood Protection Works
M.Sc. Civil Hydraulic Engineering
Prof. Eng. Marcelo Gaviño Novillo
Prof. Eng. Marcelo Gaviño NovilloIntegrated Water Resources Management
M.Sc. Civil Engineering
Eng. Andrea Giuriati
Eng. Andrea GiuriatiSenior Designer and BIM
M.Sc. Civil Engineering
Dr. Marilena Segato
Dr. Marilena SegatoSenior geologist
Ph.D. Geological Sciences
Dr. Fabio Vangelista
Dr. Fabio Vangelista Senior geologist
M.Sc. Geological Sciences
Eng. Elisabetta Cudini
Eng. Elisabetta CudiniSenior Designer, Hydraulic modeller
M.Sc. Environmental Engineering
Eng. Elena Clo'
Eng. Elena Clo'Hydraulic Modeller
M.Sc. Environmental Engineering
Eng. Tommaso Dominato
Eng. Tommaso DominatoDesigner, Hydraulic Modeller
MSc. Civil Hydraulic Engineering
Eng. Laura Tommasini
Eng. Laura TommasiniDesigner, Hydraulic Modeller
MSc. Civil Hydraulic Engineering
PhD. Earth Science
Eng. Elena Gennaro
Eng. Elena GennaroHydraulic Modeller
M.Sc. Civil Hydraulic Engineering
Cesarina Turlon
Cesarina TurlonAccounting & Bids
Alice Salmaso
Alice SalmasoSecretariat & Bids
Maria Turco
Maria TurcoSecretariat