Water Supply and Sanitation

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WSS – Water Supply and Sanitation

Drought, climate change, population growth, urban-industrial development and aging water assets impact the availability of the essential resource: “WATER”. Water supply and sanitation projects are an integral part of a nation’s infrastructure and strongly influence many aspects of planning and development.

We provide all the necessary engineering services relating to the development and operation of these water assets, having a broad proficiency in hydraulic engineering.

We consider water implications across the entire development cycle, providing a complete perspective to enable efficient and effective designs. We identify issues in the early stages to optimize usage, spatial and master planning, delivering sustainable long-term solutions for communities.

An African Development Bank-Global Water Partnership Project: Marondera integrated urban water management Master Plan project. Zimbabwe.

Our expertise


  • Urban storm rainfall
    runoff modelling
  • Storm water network
    modelling and design
  • Rehabilitation and expansion
    of storm drainage systems
  • Untegrated urban drainage
    and resilient urban upgrading
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)


  • WW networks modelling and
    design including
    the appurtenance structure
  • WWTP modelling
    and design
  • Ponds and wetlands
    design for
    water treatment
  • Cost planning,
    estimating and
    budgeting, O&M


  • WS networks design,
    WTP modelling and design
  • Non-Revenue Water assessment & management
  • WS systems energy-cost optimisation
  • Infrastructure management, O&M
  • Investment programming and implementation


  • Sludge management
    as new resource
  • Effluent reuse in agriculture
    irrigation and industrial activities

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Management plan for protection against floods in Dakar city, Senegal

In the last decades, the intensive urbanisation of Dakar City, has determined several problems related with water resources management. In particular the hydraulic risk of the peri-urban areas called “le banlieux” has notably increased with catastrophic effects. In fact, since the 2005, the area has been subject to many floods that have caused serious damages and economic losses. In this [...]