BETA Studio > News > Drina basin water resources management
BETA Studio > News > Drina basin water resources management

Drina basin water resources management

Year: 2019 - on going
Client: Several authorities of the Country Clients
Title: Drina river basin water resources
and basin study
and hydraulic and hydrological modelling
for the Drina river basin
with reservoir operation
Service: Study
Funds: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

AfDB: Banca Africana di Sviluppo; BID: Banca Interamericana di Sviluppo; BM: Banca Mondiale; UE: Unione Europea

The overall objective of the Consultancy is to improve mechanisms and capacities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia to plan and manage the trans-boundary Drina River Basin (DRB). The Consultant will define the basin and water resources practices to inform regional strategies for water resources management, water resources development, energy and hydropower development and rationalization. The Study will propose measures and constraints that will allow determining the levels of sustainability and realism of various hydropower proposals, including compensatory measures and design adaptations to address trade-offs and negative externalities. The Study will specifically take into account the need for IWRM-based decision-making, and the need to define operational guidance for climate change adaptation.

The study will comprise two stages:

1) DRB Water Resources and Basin Study, focusing on river basin hydrological modelling, water temperature study, sediment and river morphology investigations to inform regional strategies taking into account the need for IWRM-based decision-making;

2) Hydraulic and Hydrological Modelling for the DRB with Reservoir Operation to support regional and national efforts in the development and upgrading of flood protection through the establishment and operation of a suitable, jointly endorsed hydrological and hydraulic simulation model.