BETA Studio > News > Addis Ababa “Beautifying Sheger” river
BETA Studio > News > Addis Ababa “Beautifying Sheger” river

Addis Ababa “Beautifying Sheger” river

AfDB: Banca Africana di Sviluppo; BID: Banca Interamericana di Sviluppo; BM: Banca Mondiale; UE: Unione Europea

Following the approval of the Final Report on July 2021, regarding the Development Investment Strategy and Infrastructure Plan for Beautifying of Sheger River in Addis Ababa, the African Development Bank has identified two segments of the Sheger River network that will be studied and analyzed in detail by BETA Studio, in partnership with Z&A Engineering Consultancy and A.R.S. Progetti.

The two segments of the Sheger River, selected through an economic and financial analysis based on the application of a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA), represent two pilot projects that will undergo detailed engineering design in order to implement flood risk mitigation measures, sewer services and urban redevelopment interventions for the general improvement of Addis Ababa environment.

The Sheger Project Urban is implemented in the framework of the Municipal Development Fund (UMDF), a multi-donor Trust Fund of the African Development Bank launched on April 2019 to scale up interventions in urban development and drive sustainable growth in cities across the African continent. The aim of the UMDF is to support African cities and municipalities to improve their resilience and better manage urban growth and development through planning, governance, and improved quality of public services.