BETA Studio > News > Design of hydraulic works in BIM environment
BETA Studio > News > Design of hydraulic works in BIM environment

Design of hydraulic works in BIM environment

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BETA Studio is completing the Final Design of the flood retention basin on Rio Onte (Vicenza, Italy), as hydraulic risk mitigation work of the planned Verona-Padua HS/HC railway line. The hydraulic and hydrological studies determined 660000 m³ total basin volume capacity, in order to mitigate the impact of a project storm precipitation calculated conforming local Authorities’ line guides. The new work will reduce the hydraulic hazard after the realization of the new railway on the complex local hydraulic system of the F. Retrone, close to Vicenza urban territory.
BETA Studio promoted this new work even before the flood event of 2010, as prevention structural measures against flood risk.
The Onte retention basin project is part of the broader “Plan of actions and interventions for the mitigation of hydraulic and geological risk”, edited by the Veneto Region Government following the flood events that occurred in 2010: in this context, we recall the works already designed by BETA Studio in Vicenza province such as the flood retention basin of Caldogno, already completed, the flood retention basin of Trissino, not so far to completion, the flood retention basin of Montebello, right now in the start-up phase.

The planned hydraulic works are entirely designed in BIM – Building Information Modeling environment. The use of BIM methodology offers the possibility of:

  • immediately verify the feasibility of design ideas on the basis ina user friendly 3D development environment;
  • realize a quick clash detection of interferences (roads, underground services, etc.);
  • easily develop the various construction phases;
  • efficiently calculate the total costs of the various design hypotheses.